Interview with Don Brash

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Michael Darby speaks with Dr Don Brash, Leader of the New Zealand National Party.

Note: Thursday, November 23, 2006: It’s been reported that Don Brash will be resigning as National Party leader. (Thanks to Tim Warner for notifying SOLID VOX.)


Topics covered include: The National Party’s prospects and strategies for winning the next election. Reducing inflation through interest rates and sound monetary policies. How Dr Brash’s PhD studies in Australia changed his views from left-wing to pro free market. Problems with New Zealand’s current tax policies.

Advocacy of much lower taxes – having 85% of the population pay no more than a 19% tax rate. Government spending versus allowing people to spend their own money their own way. The economics of nuclear power and other approaches to energy in New Zealand. Transport issues – railways and roads.

Maori politics. Criticism of the Labor Party’s approach. Education problems. Developing positive relationships with ACT and United Future towards forming a majority government. The problem with the anti free market Greens. Frank comments about Sir Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister of NZ, 1975 – 1984. Defence/Defense issues. The need to strengthen relationship with Australia. Spending more on Defence. The appeal of New Zealand’s geography and. Economic and investment opportunities.

Listen, download, or podcast this interview

Interview with Dr Muriel Newman

Michael Darby interviews Dr Muriel Newman, former pro free market New Zealand Parliamentarian with ACT – The Liberal Party of New Zealand.


Dr Muriel Newman discusses a wide range of issues, including the creation of her new project, The New Zealand Centre for Political Debate, and her first-hand experiences as a politician dedicated to promoting individual rights and free enterprise.